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NZCC is a volunteer group of NZ comics creators who have banded together to generate opportunities for the promotion and sale of NZ comics and zines. NZCC's primary focus is selling comics on behalf of their creators at the three New Zealand Armageddon Expos and at other events such as Zinefests and craft markets. We also have an agreement to supply comics to selected comic shops, libraries and art galleries. Any comics or zine makers who are New Zealanders, or are currently based in New Zealand are welcome to join. There are no membership fees. To cover operating costs NZCC retains a 10% commission from all comics sold. Email nzcc@comics.org.nz to find out how you can sell your comics throught the NZCC.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Photos from Armageddon.

The new look NZCC stand at the weekend just gone's Armageddon Pulp Culture Expo.
Left to Right; Benedict Cairns, Marc Streeter Lee-Yan Marquez and Brent Willis sit or stand behind the bristling NZCC stand. Behind them on the wall are the three new posters advetising NZ Comics the NZCC and several anthologies and comics.

L to R; Benedict Cairns, Marc Streeter and Lee-Yan Marquez at the end, standing over the cliffs of NZ comics on sale. 
And also in the bottom left of the last photo are copies of Witchfinder: In the Service of Angels By Mike Mignola and NZ's own Ben Stenbeck! Nice to see the stand attracting NZ comic makers from all levels of the medium to carry their books!
Another shot from the 'geddon, not Adrian Kinnaird's poster, the yellow to blue one, has a very nice motif.

All praise to the auckland team for the presentation, the vertical shelving makes maximum use of the space and provides a great visual enticement.

More info and reports of sales to be posted in the near future.

Also check out Karl Will's blog; Comic Book Factory for even more photos of the NZCC stand and general nerdeden, Aramageddon.

L to R; Hellboy, Kelly Sheehan, Lee-Yan Marquez, Isaac Freeman, Brent Willis and a punter.



  1. HI there Guys - It was great meeting you and seeing what NZ is putting out there. Well done Keep it up!

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